"New! App Program Exposes 7 Secrets To Having A Summer Body ... Fast! "


WARNING: If You Want To Have A Summer Body - Read This Entire Letter Right Now
Give me your stomach and I will return it flat.

Matter of fact just give me your whole body and I will make it SUMMER READY in 60 days or less 

(8 weeks) is all it takes

All you need is a set of your own dumbbells (5 & 8lbs) 

and ladies a set of my Sweatensity Resistance Booty Bands

Both are optional but if you want the best results GET THEM!!

The Summer Body Beatdown program is 60 days long and comes with a meal plan, live classes, exercise demos, and full-length follow along with me workouts for all body parts.

Isolation workouts for glutes, arms, back, and abs

This program is for beginners through advanced who require no special modification due to disabilities or injuries
Don't just take my word for it  
Check out these summer bodies, ...

...and in case you were wondering these are all my personal and/or online training clients, no surgery, just hard work and consistency

Hi, I'm Ryan, founder of the worldwide brand Sweatensity. For the last ten years, I have dedicated my entire life to helping others just like you. My clients near and far were once right where you are now. Searching for a solution! You want to lose weight, you might be frustrated, you might be ready to give up! DONT!! That is the only way to fail. I have the solution for you. I want to be your trainer!

When You Join the Summer Body Beatdown Program
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - ~30 Day Structured Meal Plan~
Total Value: $199
Bonus #2 - ~Life's Eating Secrets, 28 Page Food Guide~
Total Value: $199
Bonus #3 - ~Smoothie & Detox Recipes~
Total Value: $99
Total Value: $99
Get All these For FREE When You Order 'Summer Body Beatdown' Today! 
Let me explain how this works! 
When you join today you will automatically be added to my FIT4LIFE app and a "Welcome Email" will be sent to you!
 Complete your profile and download my app.

 Instructions will be in the email!
 Your Meal Plan and all information will be provided to you immediately upon getting inside the app.

 The Program starts IMMEDIATELY for you. 

 You are able to message me inside the app with any questions, comments or concerns

Here is a recap of everything you get when you sign up
  Instant Access To (Summer Body Beatdown Program Hosted on My App)   (Value $399)
  Instant Access to the Vegan/Vegetarian PDF  (Value $99)
  Instant Access To My 30 Day Structured Meal Plan(Value $199)
  Instant Access To My Smoothie and Detox Recipes  (Value $99)
  Instant Access To My Life's Eating Secrets - 28 Page Food  Guide (Value $99)
Total Value: $895
Today Just $247
I know this program will forever change your life, I can't wait to see your transformation

Thanks again,
S Ryan Harris, CFT
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access to Summer Body Beatdown Home Program PDF Guide
  • ​Full Access To 30 Day Structured Meal Plan (Value $199)
  • Life's Eating Secret -28 Page Food Guide (Value $99)
  • Smoothie and Detox Recipes(Value $99)
  • ​Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Guide (Value $99)
Total Value: $895
Today Just $247

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $28: Purchase the PDF Version of this program ONE TIME and have it FOREVER! The program last 60 days on my app, after you are done, you might want to do it again at another time. Get the PDF version and have a SUMMER BODY PROGRAM at your fingertips for whenever that trip is booked. You will see this offer again inside the program, but it will cost you $100 get it now for much much cheaper!

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